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Liberty Partnerships Program

Liberty Partnerships Program at Susquehanna Valley

Liberty Partnerships at SV is dedicated to providing individualized and group services in a safe and encouraging environment in order to help each and every student overcome obstacles and reach their fullest potential by creating academic, social and emotional goals.  LPP focuses on providing Academic Support, creating Personal Learning Plans (goal setting), College and Career Prep, Leadership Opportunities, Social/Emotional skills development and more.  

Throughout their school career, SV LPP members have the opportunity to participate in various college tours, community service events, wellness activities, summer employment and so much more.  Each year there are scholarship opportunities exclusively for SV LPP seniors.
TRACY PARKER, Academic Counselor  ([email protected])
1040 Conklin Road
Conklin, NY 13748
High School: (607) 775-0304
You can learn a great deal more about the Liberty Partnerships Program HERE. 

SV Liberty Partnerships Program IN ACTION!

Mrs. Parker and her LPP students are always on the go, with learning activities, group trips to interesting places, team-building and more. Here are a few recent examples of what our LPP group has been up to.