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Due to the excessive heat forecast for this week, Susquehanna Valley CSD will be dismissing MS students at 11:30 and elementary students at 12:30 on Tuesday, 6/18.  Regents exams will be held as scheduled, however we will be moving the primary Regents Exam testing location to the MS cafeteria for all remaining exams. Students who use separate locations will still use those locations as planned.


The Susquehanna Valley bus fleet transports approximately 1,400 students and travels approximately 350,000 miles each year.  The transportation department employs approximately 25 staff members.  In addition to four regular trips to and from each of SV’s school buildings, the buses travel to other locations throughout Broome and Tioga Counties.  There are also numerous athletic, educational and music trips.
The first goal in the transportation of students is safety. Aboard the buses, students are expected to be well-behaved and to conduct themselves in an orderly, respectful manner. Students who choose not to follow the rules pose a serious threat to safety. Therefore, bus riding rules and regulations are strictly enforced. Transportation is a privilege that can be revoked.
The SV Board of Education has established a policy of transporting students to and from school which reduces the state mandated distance factor of two miles for elementary grade students and three miles for secondary level students. Children in the SV district are transported in accordance with the following schedule:
Elementary students who live more than 1/2 mile from school;
Students in grades 6-12 who live more than 3/4 mile from school;
Students may be asked to walk these same distances to and from established bus stops.
Students who are transported to a location other than their home (babysitter’s, child care center, relative’s home, etc.) must fill out an ALTERNATE TRANSPORTATION FORM each year.

Contact Us

Transportation Supervisor
(607) 775-9153
Jennifer Dancesia
Transportation Senior Typist
(607) 775-9153
Head Bus Driver
(607) 775-0302
Head Mechanic
(607) 775-9312
Brookside Bus Garage
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