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Student walks fashion show runway Learning is fashionable at Brookside
Mastering the basics gets young people off to a great start in their public school experience. At Brookside Elementary School, our youngest students celebrated their progress on learning their ABCs wth a glitzy, glamorous fashion show!  
brookside veterans day display Brookside says THANK YOU to veterans!
Students and staff at Brookside Elementary School have set a table for American military veterans in the school lobby to honor those who have served, past and present. 
Mrs. Bowerman Get to Know Mrs. Bowerman
Brookside Elementary School began the 2022-2023 school year with a new Principal. We are pleased to welcome Mrs. Jessica Bowerman to the Susquehanna Valley Sabers family.  
four girls jump in pool hand in hand Open Swim and the LTS program are back!
It's OPEN SWIM, so dive right in!
Open swim has returned to the beautiful Susquehanna Valley High School pool. FREE Open Swim sessions continue every Monday evening from 7-8 p.m. Swim laps, keep in shape, practice your dives, teach the young ones to swim, or just splash around for fun. As always, remember when there's no school, due to the weather or a holiday, there is also no open swim.
And, speaking of learning to swim...
We'll begin the next round of the Learn to Swim program at SV soon. Learn to Swim is an American Red Cross aquatics program, offered in the SV High School pool Saturday mornings starting November 5. THIS FLYER has all the details, including a registration form. See you in the pool! 
With Flu, education can mean prevention
Cooler weather has arrived, and with it - flu season. There are steps each of us can take to help lessen the spread and severity of flu this season, such as frequent hand washing, covering coughs and sneezes, and staying away from others when you're feelng sick. The NYS Health Department has released THIS FACT SHEET to explain what flu is, and what we can do to minimize its impact on our lives at home, at work, and at school. 
getting gardening supplies Garden project plants the seeds for health and wellness at Brookside
Summer Garden Party is a family celebration for a job well done.
While SV Schools have always taught healthy habits and lifelong wellness to our students, a new grant helped make planting those seeds and harvesting that knowledge a lot more hands-on at Brookside during the 2021-22 school year. On July 14, it was time for families to celebrate a garden filled with accomplishment.
Stand up to bullying graphic Brookside Stands Up to Bullying!
We want our schools to be free of bullying and harassment - a place where students, staff and visitors feel safe and respected - a place for learning and having fun. Let's all do our part!
To report bullying or harassment, use this
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