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The NYS Department of Health requires that each child MUST have a COVID screening on file prior to the first day of in-person learning. Parents/Guardians should recently have received in the mail a copy of the STUDENT COVID SCREENING AFFIDAVIT. This is the form you must complete and return to your child's school's main office. They can be emailed, faxed or dropped off in person - or - they can be returned via mail. If you have trouble downloading the document from the first link, try THIS.
5th grade graduate with mom and teacher
Moving up 2020-style!
Nothing about the last few months of the 2019-20 school year was normal, so it was inevitable that our 5th grade Moving Up ceremony would have a non-traditional feel. The governor's prolonged constraints on large gatherings forced some imaginative thinking as Brookside Elementary School sought some way to say farewell to our 5th grade students in person. Monday, June 15, parents/caregivers were invited to drive students to the school, to be greeted by faculty and staff and pick up year-end awards and a certificate of completion of elementary school. This was followed by a parade of 5th graders in dressed up cars - complete with fire truck escort! PICTURES ARE HERE.
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We want our schools to be free of bullying and harassment - a place where students, staff and visitors feel safe and respected - a place for learning and having fun. Let's all do our part!
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