As of Friday, February 19, Susquehanna Valley has exhausted all of our emergency closing days. For the remainder of this school year, on emergency days like snow days, rather than close, we will move to remote learning on those days. All students should anticipate remote instruction on future emergency days this year. By utilizing this option, we will preserve the originally scheduled school breaks for the remainder of the year.

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FPD students shine in Reflections

Two students at Francis P. Donnelly Elementary School have made an impressive showing in this year's "Reflections" contest. Kylie Pearsall received an Award of Excellence from the NYS P.T.A. for her photography entry, and will move on to the nationals. Trevor Brown also made it to the state judging level! This year's Reflections theme: "I Matter Because..."
Kylie's photography entry is entitled Generations to Come. It was accompanied by her Reflections statement: "I matter because it's important for me to pass down kindness, generosity, love, and tradition through the generations. It is up to us to make this world a better place, just like my great-grandparents."  See the photo
Trevor entitled his entry Baby Jesus, and in his artist statement said "I matter because I’m important to Jesus. I am important to Mommy and Daddy because they love me. I am important to God because He made me." See the photo
The NYS Department of Health requires that each child MUST have a COVID screening on file prior to the first day of in-person learning. Parents/Guardians should recently have received in the mail a copy of the STUDENT COVID SCREENING AFFIDAVIT. This is the form you must complete and return to your child's school's main office. They can be emailed, faxed or dropped off in person - or - they can be returned via mail. If you have trouble downloading the document from the first link, try THIS.
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food drive clipart Annual F.P. Donnelly Food Drive
The 3rd Annual F.P. Donnelly Students vs. Teachers Food Drive is underway, to benefit the Food Bank of the Southern Tier. 
F.P. Donnelly Stands up to Bullying image F.P. Donnelly Stands up to Bullying
We want our schools to be free of bullying and harrassment - a place where students, staff and visitors feel safe and respected - a place for learning and having fun. Let's all do our part! To report bullying or harassment, use this INCIDENT REPORT FORM.
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