As of Friday, February 19, Susquehanna Valley has exhausted all of our emergency closing days. For the remainder of this school year, on emergency days like snow days, rather than close, we will move to remote learning on those days. All students should anticipate remote instruction on future emergency days this year. By utilizing this option, we will preserve the originally scheduled school breaks for the remainder of the year.

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Susquehanna Valley CSD Help Desk

General Issue(s)/Problem(s) with your computer?  

Prior to submitting a help desk ticket there are a few preliminary steps you can take that may fix/clarify the problem. Please complete the following tasks before submitting a help ticket:

  • Log off and turn off your computer, wait for a count of 30 and then turn on and log on to your computer as usual.
  • Check all of your cables to see that they are completely pushed into the socket/connections/port and that they are visibly in good condition.
  • Ask a colleague if they are having the same issue. Were they able to solve the problem? What did they do and can they show you?


If none of the above solve your problem please complete a Help Desk ticket.

You can fill out the request below or email [email protected]Be sure to include as much information as possible clarifying the problem. 

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