Susquehanna Valley


Why GAFE (Google Apps for Education)?

  • Free 
  • Word processing, spreadsheets, presentations, sites, networking, and collaboration
  • Students can access their files from any device
  • Students can share their work with their teachers
  • Students can collaborate with others on the same project at the same time
  • Unlimited potential
  • Safe (management of GAFE and Chromebooks)
  • Allows students to create projects, instead of just consuming information


  • Increase student engagement 
  • Expose our students to the latest technology - software and hardware
  • Create student centered learning environments
  • Allow students and teachers to do new things, work collaboratively and create projects
  • Provide equitable access to computers to all students (1:1)


  • Over 30 Million Google Apps for Education Users 
  • 180 Countries 74 out of the top 100 Colleges in the US, including 7/8 Ivy League schools, use Google Apps.
  • Over 2400 school districts in the US use Google Apps.

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