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Did you know?

  • Missing school consecutively (2 or more times a month) leads to a student falling behind academically with gaps in learning.
  • Children that are chronically absent in Kindergarten and First Grade are less likely to read at their grade level by 3rd grade.
  • Children who are chronically absent by sixth grade show warning signs of dropping out of school.
  • If your child has good attendance by ninth grade, the school can better predict higher graduation rates than their scores on their eighth grade tests.
  • Chronic absenteeism not only affects student achievement, it can affect a student's attitude and behavior at school. When a student has attendance issues, achievement issues and behavior issues, it increases their risk of dropping out of school.

How You Can Help your Child Succeed in School?

Middle and High School

Elementary School

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Possible interventions to improve attendance

  • Letters sent home Home visits
  • Individual student meetings
  • Incentive programs
  • Parent/Guardian meetings
  • Referral to outside agencies
  • Legal interventions (CPS)
  • Lunch detention for tardies 

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