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Keeping kids safe online

presenter talks about tiktok with students

Gaming, chatting, browsing...the virtual reality that consumes much of our lives these days presents some unique challenges to parents, teachers and students. The internet is here to stay, and with it all the potential perils and pitfalls. With that in mind, Brookside Elementary hosted a series of presentations on Social Media and Internet Safety for students grades 3-5 February 1st. We invited Stephanie Mix from the Crime Victims Assistance Center to walk students through a basic understanding of how to enjoy the abundant potential of the internet while avoiding the potential dangers. In an interactive presentation with a lot of opportunity for questions and answers, Ms. Mix provided an overview of some of the common terminology and things to look out for, stressing parental involvement in children's online activity. Ms. Mix will also be presenting to parents prior to the March PTA meeting.  

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