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Sabers are Fall 2022 STAC All-Stars
Susquehanna Valley is proud to have so many talented student athletes, working hard in the classroom and striving for excellence on the field of play. The recently-released Fall Sports 2022 Southern Tier Athletic Conference (STAC) wrap-up includes:
SV's Girls Tennis team - East Division Champions
Brynn Hogan, Girls Cross Country Central/East Division Champion
Anaisa McClune, Girls Cross Country All-Division
Isaac Spottek, STAC Golf All-Stars, East All-Division
Dylan Root, Jr., Boys Soccer All-Conference All-Stars, Central/East Division
Nasser Al-Khalidi, Jameson MacNamee, and Mason Karns, Boys Soccer All-Conference All-Stars East Division
Emma Aton, Volleyball All-Stars East All-Division 
Nelle Slavitsky, Girls Soccer All-Conference All-Stars Central/East Division
Paige Weaver and Heidi Brusso, Girls Soccer All-Conference All-Stars, East Division
Caitlin Penny, Girls Tennis All-Conference All-Stars
Corinne Zarrelli and Caitlin Penny, Girls Tennis All-Conference All-Stars East Division Singles
Morgan Payne/Rachel Dumian, Sophie Dyson/Alayna Nemconsky, and Giuliana Giammarino/Emma Leighton, Girls Tennis All-Conference All-Stars, East Division Doubles.
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