Susquehanna Valley Central School District News Article

At Brookside, it's all about the penguins


It all started with a little TV time.
Mr. Batdorf - Mrs. Herceg's long term sub - happened to watch a television documentary on penguins, which got the creative juices flowing. Before we knew it, there was a full-fledged Penguin Reseach Project going on. The students immersed themselves in all things penguin, working in groups to do their research on one of the 18 species. In the course of their study and research, the students learned new vocabulary words, got more familiar with geography, and created their own informational note cards on these fascinating birds. They even got an art lesson out of it! Teacher Aide Ashley Prindle, who's an amazing artist, created some sketches of a variety of penguin species, from the smallest (Little Blue Fairy Penguin) to the largest, The Emperor. Using their newly-learned information, the students colored Ms. Prindle's sketches to match each particular species.
The penguins are currently on display, marching along the wall just inside the school building! (Click on each picture to see a larger version).

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