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SV High's FACS students are GROWING!

4 high school boys work on composting

At Susquehanna Valley High School, we're GROWING!
Mrs. Jessica Esperon-Meneilly's Family and Consumer Sciences (FACS) classes at SV High School are busy preparing for Spring planting and growing by using vermicomposting to put wiggler worms to work to produce great soil for great crops.
Healthy food is a key component to increased vitality and longevity. The secret to healthy food lies in the quality of the soil it is grown in. The better the soil, the higher the nutrient density of the food. This concept at SV began to take root when Kolton Gardener (SV High School Class of 2022) proposed adding Vermiculture to our FACS program. Fast forward to today, and sure enough, SV has dug right into vermicomposting, through a partnership with Cornell Cooperative Extension. 
On March 6 and 7, CCE Recycling and Composting Educator Kira Hawkins joined us to share her vast knowledge and experience with building healthy soil and raising red wiggler worms to produce worm castings that will enrich our garden soil. With Kira's guidance, students created mini habitats using shredded paper and fruit/vegetable scraps from our culinary classes and composting efforts. Presently, our red wigglers are thriving under the care of our students. We are looking forward to adding worm castings to our courtyard garden beds as soon as the weather permits. 
Each FACS elective incorporates mini-service learning projects that focus on creating healthy environments conducive to production, increasing accessibility, food preparation, and sampling of nutrient-dense foods through agricultural and culinary experiences. These projects are designed to be student-driven comprehensive learning opportunities empowering self-efficacy through applications of the principles of sustainable food systems and healthy living through an agricultural lens. The interdisciplinary approach of these projects facilitates the development of critical thinking, problem-solving, and leadership skills.

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