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BRAVO for SSP's Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat

Thank you to all who attended Susquehanna Valley's Saber Stage Productions' presentation of Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat February 24-26 in the newly renovated SV High School auditorium.

Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat musically recounts the familiar story of Joseph, favored among the twelve sons of Jacob. Jacob presents Joseph with a beautiful multi-colored coat, making the other eleven sons extremely jealous and vengeful. After first plotting to kill Joseph, the brothers instead decide to sell him into slavery in Egypt. Using Joseph's tattered coat as evidence, the brothers convince Jacob that Joseph is dead. Joseph is enslaved by Egyptian millionaire Potiphar, and earns his trust as he runs the household. However, Joseph is soon warding off the affectionate advances of Potiphar's wife. The millionaire, misinterpreting the situation, has Joseph thrown into prison, where Joseph awes his cellmates - a baker and a butler - by deciphering their dreams. When word reaches the Pharaoh of Joseph's dream interpreting powers, Joseph's luck begins to change.


The Cast:
Narrator..............Melaina Furgeson
Joseph................Kyle LaVergne
Jacob..................Patrick Schwartz
The brothers.......Nick Merrell, Liam Olsen, Addie Buckley, Isaiah O’Brian, Kayla Henry, Logan Everson, Alexis Douglas, and Sha-Diamond Evans, with solo numbers sung by Kianah Rodriguez, Lia Frank, and Sophia Kilmer

Potiphar..............Nick Merrell
Potiphar’s wife....Rachel Feltz
The baker............Alexis Douglas
The butler............Rachel Feltz
Ensemble............Zack Finney, Nina Axton and the cast
Pharaoh...............Nick Merrell

The high school cast was joined in this production by members of the Richard T. Stank Middle School Chorus (Adrian Paugh, Kaylie Denney, Andrew Gaynor, Amber Hudson, Payton Lloyd, Gage Mathias, Reese Mathias, Sidney Merritt, Cody Olds, Caitlin Penny, Kellen Russell, Ava Spottek, Gracie Thompson, and Colby Brink). In addition, a number of middle school students served on the stage crew (Max Bedosky, Rick Bedosky, Charlie Howell, Deanna Spafford, Amy Storti, Damian Burgess, and Tom Coe).

Directed by Shirley Goodman. Musical Director and Conductor: Jenn Perkins.  Set design and execution by Jim Shear and Applause Unlimited. Lighting Director: Joe Roma; Lights and cues: Peg Collins and Terri Howard. Costumes and props: Debra Merrell and SV High School alumni Megan Howland and Hannah Merrell.  Stage Manager: Courtney Marris.

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