Susquehanna Valley

Boys Swimming and Diving Senior Parent Recognition
January 12, 2018
Connor Hadfield  (Scott Perrington and Wendy Williams)
Nicholas Miller (Bill and Chris Miller)
Liam Olsen (Matthew and Maria Olsen)
Coaches: Nathaneal Dingman and Mark Morgan

Boys and Girls Bowling Senior Parent Recognition
January 29, 2018
Alyssa Barrett  (Timothy and Shawna Barrett)
Mackenzie Collins (Jack and Melissa Collins)
Olivia Escoto (Thomas and Santina Christian)
Giannino Giammarino (John and Darla Giammarino)
Nicholas Giles (Kyle and Kimberly Giles)
Charles Howell (Charles and Lisa Howell)
Heather Rigo (Chris and Amy Rigo)
Alex Russell (Jerry and Myra Russell)
Dylan Thomas (Dwight and Valerie Thomas)
Aaron Williams (Kyle and Kimberly Giles)
Coaches: Ray Lasky and Rick Pflanz

Wrestling Senior Parent Recognition
January 30, 2018
Christopher Harold  (Christopher and Rasheem Harold)
Richard Knapp (Richard and Julie Knapp)
Padraig Lupole (Jamie and Maria Lupole)
Austin Theodoroff (Lindsey Theodoroff and Carl Paugh)
Coach: Jamie Lupole

Boys Basketball, Cheerleading, Indoor Track Senior Parent Recognition
February 5, 2018
Kelly Hession  (Patrick and Liz Walters)
Evelyn Bennedum (David and Shannon Bennedum)
Adfelia Buckley (Paul and Lorraine Buckley)
Kelly Cady (Robert and Karrie Cady)
Kameron Chamberlain (Gary and Theresa Chamberlain)
Sara Figura (Jim and Sherry Figura)
Kayla Henry (Jodie VanWinkle and Ron Henry)
Nicholas Schwenz (Mamie Schwenz and John Jones)
Isaac Valentine (Cory and Wendy Valentine)
Preston Brown (Lee and Tricia Brown)
Lucas Davy (Wesley and Jennifer Davy)
Joseph Marshall (David and Susan Marshall)
Jordan McGahy (Nany Owens) 
Coaches: Mary Clark (Cheerleading), Grace Tabeek and Nicholas Oetinger (Indoor Track), Mark Ward (Boys Basketball)

Girls Basketball Senior Parent Recognition
January 30, 2018
Alexis Drake (Robert and Tammy Drake)
Hannah Haskell (Ray and Melissa Haskell)
Michaela Haskell Ray and Melissa Haskell)
Trinasia Kennedy (Edith Dukes and Tyrone Kennedy)
Holly Manchester (Brad and Cindy Manchester)
Hillary Morgan (Mark and Wendy Morgan)
Kendal Ryan (Chris and Tracy Ryan) 
Coach: Chad Freije

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