Susquehanna Valley

Golf Senior Parent Recognition Day
September 28, 2017
Giannino Giammarino (John and Darla Giammarino)
Carter Gray (Christian and Danielle Gray)
Trevor Jones (Leo and Susan Jones)
Dusty Root (Dusty and Stacey Root)
Coach: Mary Shea

Boys Soccer Senior Parent Recognition Day
September 29, 2017
Andrew Gaffney (John and Jennifer Gaffney)
Connor Hadfield (Scott and Wendy Hadfield)
Trevor Harder (Joe and Carlena Harder)
Jonathan Holmberg (Eric and Jen Holmberg)
Alex Russell (Jerry and Myra Russell)
Noah Sussmann (Jennifer Price)
Geoffrey Sutliff (Todd and Tammy Sutliff)
Jared Tyler (Tim and Jacquie Shipose and Dan and Lori Tyler)
Daniel Ulma (John and Maureen Ulma)
Aaron Williams (John Williams and Chris Corban)
Coach: Jay Vimislik

Girls Tennis Senior Parent Recognition Day
October 2, 2017
Danielle Charlton (Cheri Charlton)
Alyse Evans (Dana Zub)
Sara Figura (Jim and Sherry Figura)
Adriana Giammarino (Adriano and Lynn Giammarino)
Kayla Henry (Ron Henry and Jodie VanWinkle)
Kianah Rodriguez (Sue Rodriguez)
Rebekka Stewart (James and Kelley Stewart)
Coach: Marion Foley

Girls Soccer Senior Parent Recognition day
October 3, 2017
Adfelia Buckley (Paul and Lorraine Buckley)
Genevieve Cortese (Chris and Colleen Cortese)
Katelynn Griffiths (Dan and Patty Griffiths)
Hannah Haskell (Ray and Melissa Haskell)
Michaela Haskell (Ray and Melissa Haskell)
Olivia Parker (Casey Parker and Justin and Tracy Parker)
Jessica Steinbrecher (Eric and Dorean Steinbrecher)
Mackenzie Wagstaff (Eric and Felicia Wagstaff and Patrick and Tony Bado)
Shawna Zawiski (Michael and Tammy Zawiski)
Coach: Sara Gorton

Cheerleading Senior Parent Recognition Day
October 7, 2017
Marissa Brady (Matthew and Karen Hawley)
Sarah Coddington (Sean and Beth Coddington)
Parker Fanara (Brian and Michele Stock)
Kelly Hession (Patrick and Liz Walters)
Coaches: Mary Clark and Erin Robertson

Football Senior Parent Recognition Day
October 7, 2017
Joshua Andrade (Rony and Katie Andrade and Chris and Jennifer Davidson)
Corey Bond (Corey Bond and Amy McCleod and Tim Fehr and Holly Finch)
Joseph Hoskins (Jamie and Kim Hoskins)
Maxwell Huffman (James and Kelli Huffman)
Sean Kane (Kevin and Kate Kane)
Hunter King (Ron and Jennifer King)
Padraig "Paddy" Lupole (Jamie and Maria Lupole)
Austin Russell (John Sullivan)
Shawn Tarbox (Howard and Linda Tarbox, grandparents)
Austin Theodoroff (Lindsey Theodoroff)
Coach: Michael Ford

Cross Country Senior Parent Recognition Day
October 10, 2017
Nicholas Miller (Bill and Christine Miller)
Coach: Grace Tabeek

Volleyball Senior Parent Recognition Day
October 12, 2017
Alexis Dietzen (Todd Rinker and Tee Jay Marini)
Danielle Duke (Robert and Diane Duke)
Kyle LaVergne (David and Kelly Parson)
Shelbie Merritt (Jonathan and Keri Merritt)
Abigail Rose (Gary and Dana Rose)
Coach: Courtney Marris

Girls Swimming and Diving Senior Parent Recognition Day
October 13, 2017
Alyssa Barrett (Tim and Shawna Barrett)
Evelyn Bennedum (David and Sharon Bennedum)
Emily Jacobs (Ken and Kathy Jacobs)
Hillary Morgan (Mark and Wendy Morgan)
Coach: Nathanael Dingman

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