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Visitor brings taste of Ghana to Miss Gresko's classroom
visitor teaches students dance from Ghana
Richard T. Stank Middle School teacher Andrea Gresko is always looking for innovative ways to engage her students in their studies of the richly diverse world in which we live. Which is why, when Miss Gresko attended a summer workshop Culture in the Community and the Classroom Artist, she volunteered to welcome a local artisan to present in her classroom. Through the workshop, Miss Gresko met Afua Baidoo-Davis, a registered nurse who is teaching students at Binghamton University who are going into the medical field.  
"Because of her background (native of Ghana, involved with introducing her culture to others), she was selected as an artisan to work with students in a public school.  I was one of only 8 teachers selected to work with these artisans," said Miss Gresko. She extended an invitation to Baidoo-Davis, who eagerly accepted and spent two consecutive days in October sharing with students the culture, history, art, and food from her native Ghana. She even taught the students a dance! You can see photos from Baidoo-Davis's visit to Miss Gresko's class HERE.