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Morning Dunk Kafe a tasty learning experience
At the Morning Dunk Kafe, "We spell everything with a K, because we sell K-Kups in Krazy flavors," said Teacher Shirley Goodman. 

Morning Dunk Kafe is the brainchild and creation of Mrs. Goodman's Career Exploration Class, which has launched the online business to serve staff on the secondary campus with fresh coffee and snacks.  Initially, they are taking staff orders only, but are hoping to eventually expand to offer a "Kash and Karry K-Kup" table, where anyone can buy a K-Kup and make their koffee using the Keurig provided. The Morning Dunk Kafe has been up and running for about 2 weeks.

So, what are students learning?

Course objectives:

  • develop technological proficiency for employment
  • develop social skills needed for employment situations
  • provide opportunities to learn life skills including math and reading literacy