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Sabers shine at annual robotics competition
A group of Susquehanna Valley High School students put their skills to the test Tuesday, March 28 at the annual SUNY-Broome Robotics competition. 
SV competitors: Jack Bedosky, Brody Connors, Sebastian MacNamee, Kaelin McMahon, Jaden Roche, and Acaydian Salisbury.
SV Technology Teacher Colin Krueger shared the impressive results:
* Jack Bedosky competed in the forklift challenge and improved his score with each attempt.
* Jaden Roche was able to program his robot to autonomously solve a maze with a layout that was unknown before the event.
* Kaelin McMahon was able to get a win and pick up the heavier of the 2 balls in the Large Swept Away competition.
* Acaydian Salisbury, Sebastian MacNamee, and Brody Connors all competed in the Mega King of the Ring Bot competition. While Acaydian was missing his partner, he and the group of Brody and Sebastian each got a perfect score of 20 points in the initial round of the competition. Acaydian ended up placing 4th and Brody and Sebastian finished the finals in First Place!