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SV students learning the language of thanks and appreciation
more of the wall of gratitude
¡Mantengan una actitud de gratitud! 

If you can read these walls, thank a teacher...or a student!  If they happen to be about you, your children, students, and friends say "¡mil gracias!" to YOU!

Students in Ms. Biancucci's Spanish classes showcased their ability to use a second language for the purpose of communication, and appreciation! After demonstrating proficiency in a variety of familiar topics, students brainstormed, organized, edited, published, and enhanced an essay about an important person in their life. Utilizing meaningful communication and relevant structures to express themselves in Spanish, they were not only able to be understood by others, but could also understand the writing of their peers!
"The kids were very excited to share their friends, family, pets, teachers, etc., and it's one of the first assignments this year EVERY single student completed," Ms. Biancucci said. 

Take a virtual stroll past their wall of gratitude below, and take a minute to thank those who are most important to you, too! (Click the pictures to see a larger version).
¡Muy buen trabajo, estudiantes!