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The Sabers Food Center is up and running!
We are pleased to announce the opening of The Susquehanna Valley Sabers Food Center, located at Francis P. Donnelly Elementary School. The center is supplied by CHOW and the SV community. In addition to stocking non-perishable food items, it also contains a limited supply of personal hygiene and dental supplies to help those in need in our community.
If you, or someone you know, in the Susquehanna Valley School District are in need of assistance from The Sabers Food Center, please contact Mrs. Stacey Stilloe, School Social Worker at Donnelly Elementary, at (607) 775-9149 to schedule a confidential appointment.
Donations of non-perishable food items, new hygiene and dental items or funding for the Sabers Food Center can be made by calling Mrs. Stacey Stilloe (607) 775-9149.
The 6th annual food drive at SV's Francis P. Donnelly Elementary School began Monday, February 6. The five-week food collection resulted in more than 1,600 food items being donated! This year, in addition to enabling a generous donation to CHOW, the food drive fully stocked the shelves at the Sabers Food Center. 
Other staff members are getting involved - Mrs. Rich and school counselor Randy Curth have both gotten certified in food safety, and staff and students have brought in some donations to supplement distributions from CHOW to help fill the shelves.
And now, The Sabers Food Center is ready to begin serving the community.

We are very grateful for these generous donors that have enabled us to open the doors to the Sabers Food Center:
Binghamton PBA
Conklin Presbyterian Church congregation
Brookside Elementary School
Mary Nolan
Kathy Hattala
Kathy Cederholm
The United Way
Social 123
Weis Markets
Paul Battisti