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Brookside 5th graders March Math Madness
Students in Mr. Heslin’s 5th grade math classes competed during the month of March in a Fluency (March) Madness Challenge. All students competed in a homeroom vs. homeroom challenge and an individual homeroom challenge. Also, the overall top 8 fluency students for the month of March were placed in a single-elimination, bracket style challenge to determine the overall individual fluency champion. The fifth graders combined to answer almost 100,000 multiplication facts for the month of March! 
The results:
Individual Homeroom Champions:
Mrs. Brewer? Levi Jackson
Mr. Heslin? Clive Herrick
Mrs. Titus? Keira Feinbloom
Overall Individual Champion: Clive Herrick (pictured)
Homeroom vs. Homeroom Champion:
Mrs. Titus’ class (overall class percentage of 98.52% for the month of March)    
Mr. Heslin would like to thank all of his 5th graders for participating. Each student improved tremendously with their multiplication fluency during the month of March. Way to go, you should all be very proud of your accomplishments!