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SV High's Holden Wasko cleared for take-off!
It's not usually big news when a 16 or 17 year old gets their license. But for Holden Wasko, it's very big news! Because on January 2, 2020, he earned his private pilot license!

Holden took his first Discovery Flight at the Goodrich Pilot Training Center on his 14th birthday, soloed for the first time on his 16th birthday, and now has his private license at 17 and about 3 month (17 is the FAA minimum age). His training with Goodrich took him up to the skies with a number of instructors including Roland, Robert, Josh, and Pat - and he completed his training in just over 60 hrs.

Holden was inspired to take to the skies while watching the Navy Blue Angels at the Binghamton Airshow in 2009, and now plans a career as a naval aviator. Learning to fly and earning his private pilot license are not the only steps Holden has been taking toward his goal. He has been involved with the local Civil Air Patrol for 4 years and was recently promoted to Cadet Commander for the Greater Binghamton Cadet Squadron.

In a statement, Holden's training team said: "All of us at the Goodrich Pilot Training Center are very proud of Holden's achievement and look forward to watching his career take off." Goodrich Pilot Training Center is located at the Greater Binghamton Regional Airport. You can learn more at GoodrichAviation.com or 607-821-2982.
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