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Sabers sport athletic scholars and top notch coaches!
The Sabers Athletic Department is pumping out some really great news these days! On top of the Sabers Football program's FIRST EVER State Championship, there's a lot more going on to instill pride in the blue and gold.
First, EVERY SINGLE ONE of our SV fall-season varsity teams qualified for N.Y.S. Scholar Athlete status.  Let that sink in. Nine teams out of nine: Girls Soccer, Boys Soccer, Girls Tennis, Boys Cross-Country, Golf, Football, Fall Cheer, Football, Girls Swim....ALL 9 TEAMS!!!!  How does an athletic team qualify for such recognition? Here's a partial explanation from the New York State Public High School Athletic Association:

To receive Scholar-Athlete team recognition with a certificate, the team’s average GPA for 75% of the roster must be greater than or equal to 90.00. This means you take 75% of your roster and then average their GPAs. Any GPA can be included, but if it is below a 90, they will not receive a pin. HERE'S AN EXAMPLE:  
Team A has a roster of 12. .75 x 12 = 9
Therefore, 75% of the roster is 9.
Average the top 9 student’s GPAs.
99 + 95 + 94 + 98 + 92 + 90 + 88 + 85 + 75 = 816
816/9 = 90.666 which rounds to 90.67. Is this a Scholar-Athlete team? YES.
That's 9 YESES for SV Sabers fall sports varsity teams - an accomplishment we can all be very proud of.
But the good news doesn't stop there!
One of Saber country's most celebrated coaches has received some very special - and well-earned - recognition. Marion Foley has been named the USTA Eastern Tennis Conference's 2018 Virginia and Chuck Landis High School Coach of the Year! The USTA each year bestows special awards to individuals who have done outstanding work in the tennis community. The USTA recently invited Miss Foley and guests to the annual awards dinner, Saturday, January 26, 2019, at the Westchester Renaissance Hotel in White Plains to receive her award.
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