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Sabers musicians hitting all the right notes
The following students performed at the 2018 New York State School Music Association Solo and Ensemble festival in Johnson City on April 20th and 21st
Instrumental:  Claire Holler, Payton Lloyd, Patricia Roon, Chris Henderson, Ava Spottek, Sofie Dyson, Bethany Ondreyko, Carson Wood, Reagan Miller, Owen Reilly, William Kumpon, Evan Bronson, Chad Lainhart, Sydney Burford, Heidi Brusso, Elijah Miller, Brayden Phillips, Kyle LaVergne, Elizabeth Zelenyak, Dan Cullen, Jessica Roon, Emily Jacobs, Jakob Bernhauer, Anthony Palmieri, Miley Urso, Riley Masters, Nasser Al-Khaldi, Julie LaMantia, Lillian Short, Andrew Waite, Myles Clement, Addisyn Macarak, Alexandria Stewert, Julia Ricci, Annabella Macarak, Nicolas Howard. 
Vocal:  Michaela Henderson, Rachel Weyant, Kayla Henry, Lia Frank, Kianah Rodriguez, Kyle LaVergne, Sha-Diamond Evans, Isabelle Bedrin, Caroline Bunt, Addie Buckley, Emma Marean, Jasmin Newborn, Heather Rigo, Kirstyn Dyson, Gracie Latta, Sofie Dyson, Ava Spottek.
String:  Camryn Barbour, Aubrey Snyder, Abbey Whitcombe, Carly Lewis, Harrison Olsen, Anastasia Ostrowsky, Kaitlyn Eddy, Naomi Easley, Jenna Smith, Logan Everson, Abbie Lyon, Norah Schneider, Nicolla Bronikowski, Mercedes Stiner, Abby Mayglothling, Jayden Foxx, Samar Dhillon, Bianca Skiba, Kaylee Carruthers, John Bonsell, Gracie Latta, Meagan Hannigan, Sha-Diamond Evans, Emma Zelenyak, Hope Savercool, Maxwell Henry.
These SV students were selected to participate in the 2017-2018 Area All State Music Festival:
Junior High Area All State Band: Elizabeth Zelenyak
7-9 Area All State Orchestra:  Emma Zelenyak, Hope Savercool
AAS Chorus: Kyle LaVergne

These students were selected to participate in the 2017-2018 BCMEA All County Music Festivals:
5-6 All County Band: Jakob Bernhauer, Heidi Brusso, Brayden Phillips, Isaac Spottek, Amelia Reilly, Laci Lasiki, Hannah Long, William Kumpon, Julie LaMantia, Andrew Waite, Mason Nagle, Anthony Palmieri, Lillian Short.
7-9 All County Band: Sean Bronson, Elizabeth Zelenyak, Ava Spottek, Sofie Dyson, Jenna Lawrence
10-12 All County Band:  Jared Basmajian, Daniel Cullen, Emily Jacobs, Kyle LaVergne
10-12 All County Jazz Ensemble:  Jared Basmajian, Daniel Cullen
5-6th Grade All County Chorus:  Nicholas Gates, Reagan Miller, Norah Schneider, Janeva Mazil, Julia Ricci, Nicolla Bronikowski, Addison Rosenkrans, Camryn Barbour, Halie Russell, Sandra Sanchez, Lillian Short
7th/8th Grade All County Chorus: Ava Spottek, Kassandra Page, Elizabeth O'Neill, Sofie Dyson, Thomas Ricci, Logan Everson, Caroline Bunt. 
5/6 All County Orchestra:  Meagan Hannigan, Bianca Skiba, Carly Lewis, Lindsey Trotter, Samar Dhillon. 
7-9 All County Orchestra:  Logan Everson (MS), Jenna Smith (MS), Anastasia Ostrowsky (MS), Mercedes Stiner (HS), Emma Zelenyak (HS).
10-12 All County Orchestra:  Taylor Paugh (HS), Courtney Page (HS), Sha-Diamond Evans (HS), Maxwell Henry (HS)
10-12 All County Chorus:  Melaina Ferguson, Kianah Rodriguez, Michaela Henderson, Sha-Diamond Evans, Kyle LaVergne, Lia Frank, Kayla Henry, Addie Buckley.
Kyle LaVergne was selected to the Roberts Wesleyan Hight School Honors Band. Members of this ensemble are selected based on their NYSSMA score solos and teacher recommendation. Kyle traveled to the college in October 2017, and performed with top musicians from across New York State.
The High School Chorus, Concert Band and Orchestra traveled to Virginia from April 5-8, 2018 to perform in the Busch Gardens Music in the Parks festival. The group enjoyed touring historical sights in Virginia Beach, Colonial Williamsburg, and the Baltimore Inner Harbor. At the festival, students in all three ensembles were awarded Excellent ratings, with the Concert Band bringing home a second place trophy, and the Chorus and Orchestra receiving first place in their respective classes!
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