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Saber Stage Star lends talents to SRO
Despite the shutdown of school, community and professional theater programs,  SV Junior, Logan Everson has found a way to put his talents to use. Logan has been involved with theater since grade school.  Here at SV, he is known for his performances with Saber Stage productions as Lord Farquaad, Sebastian and Pugsley.  His most recent endeavor is playing the lead role of Ugly Duckling in SRO’s Community Theater’s production of the musical Honk, Jr., sponsored by the Schorr Family Firehouse Stage in Johnson City.   This is a musical that you truly must experience because the characters are all played by marionettes, created by Robert Rogers especially for this project. 

Logan says, “After basically being cut off from performing, it’s a huge relief to be able to get onstage once again, and this time with the new challenge of puppeteering.”  At first, Logan was skeptical about being involved in what he thought was a simple children’s tale when the director, Scott Fisher, invited him to play the lead role of Ugly, a swan born into a family of ducks.  After listening to the music, which he defines as rather jazzy, and after studying his part, he realized that Honk was so much more than a kid’s story.   In fact, it is rather deep, and the themes of acceptance, tolerance and family living are presented in an upbeat way.  This amazing musical won the Laurence Olivier Award for best musical in 2000, beating out the Lion King to earn this distinction.  

He described this experience as being “amazed at the caliber of performers that he has an opportunity to work with,” and he thinks “it is fun to work with adult actors of different ages.”  While manning his marionette, Logan told me that this community theater group “is very fun, and super intense.  If you are serious about developing yourself as an actor, SRO is the place to be.”   

He is also joined on stage by SV alumni, Nick Merrell and Saber Stage Director, Shirley Goodman.   Get your tickets!! It is sure to be a fun, feathered time for the whole family!  Plus, it’s outside in a tent!! 

Tickets are available for weekends of June 4-6 and June 11-13.  For more information, see the Firehouse Stage event directoryFirehouse Stage event directory
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