Governor Cuomo announced May 1 that "There will be no opening of any school in the state for the remainder of the academic calendar year."
June and August Regents Exams have been cancelled.
It is vitally important for you to continue to check this website for further updates, and to stay up to date and current
with the continuum of learning assignments and learning activities from your child's teachers.
End of year dates are announced! The last day for student instruction will be June 12. Middle and High School students will still have until June 17 to complete their projects.  Teachers will continue to be available to assist students through June 17.  Please note that these dates are subject to change upon the direction of Governor Cuomo and the NYSED.

Susquehanna Valley

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A message to our residents

We hope this 2020-21 budget message finds you and your family healthy and safe. Our budget team has been working diligently to create a budget plan that meets the needs of our students, but is also fiscally responsible to our residents.
As you know, this upcoming budget has many challenges. We have worked hard to craft a budget that is cognizant of the new normal that we now live in. The proposed budget will result in a one percent (1%) tax levy. This is one of the lowest tax levies that we have seen in Susquehanna Valley in quite some time. To achieve this, we continue to look at both long-term and short-term planning strategies to maximize our spending strength with as minimal impact to the tax levy as possible. We have continued to look at staffing reductions through attrition and retirements to achieve this goal.
A major emphasis in this year’s budget is a commitment to technology. It goes without saying that the demand for technological devices to assist every child in the district is a major priority. This year we distributed almost 1,400 student devices for use during the shutdown. It is increasingly clear that we must continue to plan for the unexpected and to be able to meet these challenges in the future.
Secondly, we continue to focus resources towards safety and security. We have provided supplemental support for new safety vestibules for each of our building main entrances. These security vestibules will result in a two-tier process for access to each building. We believe this is an important investment to help strengthen the commitment to the safety of our students. Additionally, we have increased supplemental funds to support the district’s enhancement of our video security system.
Although these times continue to be challenging, together we will overcome all obstacles and continue to be “Saber Strong”. We are grateful to our stakeholders - our partners in education - for their continued support of our mission to provide students with a diverse opportunity in an environment of ever changing uncertainty. Because of your support, our students continue to have access to technology, challenging courses, participation in athletics, engagement in extra-curricular activities, exposure to trade skills, and access to transportation on a daily basis. They are able to express creativity, enjoy numerous clubs, and are exposed to an array of personal interests.
We cannot do this without you. Our partnership is what makes Susquehanna Valley a great place to live and learn. We encourage you to vote via absentee ballot.
Roland Doig, Superintendent of Schools
Robert Strick, Board of Education President
Susquehanna Valley Central School District - 1040 Conklin Rd. Conklin, New York 13748 - (607) 775-0170

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